The BRAG Shop

Toot your horn with no apologies!!!

Make a Bold Statement wearing our premium statement clothing and apparels for goal-getters and power influencers on the move.

Why Choose Us?

YOU deserve to BRAG about your awesomeness.

B in B.R.A.G stands for (B)old. That is why our "statement" apparels are unapologetically Bold, Vibrant and Expressive.

You don't have to look dressed down just because you are wearing casuals. We believe everyday casual wear shouldn't be bland, dull, or uninspiring.

That's why The BRAG Media Company led by Founder & Creative Director - Alex Okoroji has created our signature "Custom Designed" apparels to inspire a culture where people feel empowered to BRAG! and shamelessly celebrate themselves in honor of their journey, uniqueness, hard work, growth and achievements because they are worthy and have diligently earned their bragging rights.

What could be better than wearing or owning something that inspires such AWARENESS and showcases your vibrant personality as the power influencer that you are?

Call it "The Subtle Art of BRAG'ing".😂

Although we are excited to offer top quality casuals - We are not trying to sell YOU clothes, shoes, bags or anything you can get anywhere else.

It is more than that for us. We started this journey to build an everyday fashion brand people love. If you wear any single piece of our BRAG apparel, we guarantee that is the one piece on you that will draw attention, speak loud and STAND YOU OUT in the crowd.

Our Mission with BRAG is to provide YOU with a VISUAL COMMUNICATION of who you are as a "Radical Goal Getter" on the move. The one who is (B)oldly. (R)adically. (A)chieving. (G)oals.

​This is the every day YOU.

About Us

Alex Okoroji,

Founder & Creator.

The BRAG! brand name is an acronym of the words (B)oldly (R)adically (A)cheving (G)oals, expressing the authentic drive of the radical goal-getter or power influencer on the go.

The creative positioning of our global fashion brand - BRAG! allows every individual to visually express their vibrant personality. To illustrate our vision, all our statement apparels and products are characterized by our signature brand colours, patterns, florals or inscriptions.

We have created several positive and uplifting inscriptions using our logo: a symbol of the unique megaphone and our three brand colours that represent the core of BRAG!.

We have also designed inscription-less pieces under the FREEDOM Collection for rebels who want to adorn our vibrant apparels but desire freedom away from BOLD inscriptions.